Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Below is an archive of posts that fall mainly under a particular category. This will be added to as the blog gets updated.

Crime and Criminology

Alienation and CrimeBlair Has No Solutions To Crime Problem
Fear of Crime and the 'Law and Order' card
Marx and Engels on Crime, the State and the Paris Commune
Media & Crime - The Magic Bullet - A Critical Review
On Alcoholism
Principles of a Marxist Approach to Criminology (A First Draft)
Principles of a Marxist Approach to Criminology (Second Draft)
What Is A Crime?


First Ever National Prison Officers Strike
Overcrowded Prisons, Overworked Staff
Prisons - Lumbering Into Further Crisis
The Prison and The Factory - Dario Melossi and Massimo Pavarini

International Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Human Rights and International Justice
Imperialism and Criminology
Political Economy & Penal Policy: A Comparative Approach
Security, Civil Liberties and Terrorism
The Question of Human Rights

Organised and Corporate Crime

Corporate crime: Sign of an out-of-control economy
Letter - An Organised Dab in the Hand

Critical Criminology & Left Realism

Jock Young and the Decline of Critical Criminology
Law And Order: Arguements for Socialism - Ian Taylor (1982)
Losing The Fight Against Crime - Richard Kinsey, John Lea & Jock Young (1986)
Prisons Under Protest - Phil Scraton, Joe Sim and Paula Skidmore (1991)
The State of the Police - Phil Scraton (1985)


A Brief Look at the Origins and History of Police Unions - pt. 1
Police Ballot for Industrial RightsRejecting the ‘All Police Officers Are Reactionary’ Theory

Revolution and Criminology

Crime in Revolutionary Russia
Crime in the Soviet Union
Dual Power and the Criminal Justice System

Crime, Criminal Justice and Wales

A New Prison for North Wales?
Devolution and Justice

The Venezuela and Crime Series

1. Venezuela and Crime - A Preliminary Discussion
2. Venezuela and Crime - The cynical attitude of the opposition on crime
3. A Look at Criminal Justice in Venezuela

Enivronmental Issues

Anglesey's Carbon Surge
Bin Collections & Recycling
Go Green Weekend Report
No Nuclear Nightmare for Ynys Môn!
Report Rejects Nuclear Expansion
Stop the Anglesey Nuclear Time Bomb!

Socialist Party in North Wales

600 Demonstrate in Caernarfon against School Cuts
Bangor Branch Launch
Cuts, cuts and More Cuts
Fighting School Closures in Wales
More News From Bangor
Socialist Party in North Wales
Some Updates From Bangor

Student Stuff

Bangor Socialist Students Fight Student Union 'Governance Review'
More Debt Woes
MPs Pay and Student Funding
NUS Wales Spring Conference 08 Report
Open Letter from Bangor University Socialist Students
Refreshing Student Work in Bangor
Scapegoating Students
Socialist Students Statement on Student Union Reform
Student Elections: Not just a 'beauty contest'
Students and Politics
Student Union Funding

Strikes and Other Disputes

DWP Strike Reports (March 08)
PCS DWP Strike (December 07)
Victory To The Postal Workers

Book Reviews

In The Name of the Working Class - Sando Kopacsi (1986)
Justice In England - A Barrister (1938)
Revolution in Psychology - Ian Parker (2006)
The First Five Years of the Communist International Vol 1. - Leon Trotsky (1924)
War and the International - Sam Bornstein and Al Richardson (1986)
Why I Write - George Orwell (2004)

Music Reviews

New Maps Of Hell - Bad Religion (2007)
Permanent Revolution - Catch Twenty Two (2006)
The Sufferer and The Witness - Rise Against (2006)

Film & TV Reviews

Half Nelson (2007)
Lady in the Water (2006)
The Whistleblower (March 08)

Solidarity Appeals

Attacks on Nigerian Students Union
Crisis at OAU Continues
Nigeria - The Struggle Goes On
Solidarity at Xmas
Solidarity with Chinese Workers
Support victimised Nigerian Students!


Renegade Eye said...

Permanent Revolution the band, how intriguing.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

actually permanent revolution is the album, the bands name is actually catch twenty two, if you look at the review you'll see the album is based on the life`of trotsky, which i think is quite cool so long as it's done well which this really is.

Renegade Eye said...

I'm reading the Halliday book on Mao.

It portrays Mao as making Stalin look like a Boy Scout.