Sunday, 23 March 2008

Scapegoating Students

This letter written by myself was published in this weeks Bangor and Anglesey Mail.

Yet again Bangor councillors try to blame students for all the city’s problems. This time it is for the shortage of affordable accommodation. We’re told in the article in last weeks Mail (12/03/08) that the city is overrun with students and this is the reason that there is no affordable housing for local people. Whilst some developers are clearly targeting students because by cramming students into buildings so they can charge more money per let, this certainly isn’t the fault of the students. Indeed the case of hidden extra charges for students living in Neuadd Willis shows how these developers are ripping students off!

The real way for affordable accommodation can be provided is by the provision of new publicly funded social housing, at affordable rents – what are the councillors doing about that?!

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a very public sociologist said...

Aye, well, it makes a change from blaming the immigrants! lol