Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Break Time

Hi, I'm going to have a few days break to crack on with various things i want to write (essays, articles etc.) However, during this time, I've selected a few pieces I've written over the past week or two that attracted none, or few comments that I think are deserving of a bit more attention, they are:-

Review – War and the International by Sam Bornstein and Al Richardson (1986) Socialist Platform
Security, Civil Liberties and Terrorism
Crime in the Soviet Union
Review - The First Five Years of the Communist International (Vol.1) by Leon Trotsky

Also I'm hosting the Carnival of Socialism a few on friday, I think I may favour crime related articles (hell, I'm hosting it so I might as well encourage people to think about these things!). Anyone with any suggestions of good articles by yourself and others please let me know.


Louise said...

How can we contact you re posts for the Carnival? Email or comments box?

Anyway, I would like to nominate my own post I wrote on attending Pauline Campbell's pre-trial review which also relates to the wider issue of deaths of women in prisons and "state care" overall.

Ta, Louise

Leftwing Criminologist said...

yes, please leave comments on this blog over carnival of socialism

blackstone said...

I will probably send you a post tonight