Saturday, 21 July 2007

Why do people only read the first post on this blog?

Over the last few weeks i've noticed that people only seem to comment on the top post on this blog, which suggests to me that they only read that article when they visit this site.
I find this a little disappointing if it's true as i'd like to think people read all my posts if they're visiting, i certainly think they're quite interesting. Not only that, but i would really like to know what people think of what i've posted. Take for example the last review i posted Review - Losing the Fight Against Crime by Richard Kinsey, John Lea & Jock Young (1986) it did take me a while to do, and i would really appreciate knowing what my readers think of my criticisms, i appreciate few people may have read it but you never know.

Anyways I'm going on holiday for a week soon and then i'm moving house (yet again) so i probably won't post again for a while (maybe there might be one when i get off holiday), but tomorrow before I leave I am leaving you all with a review of Law and Order: Arguements for Socialism (1982) by Ian Taylor, in my opinion the best book ever written by a criminologist which is a book i'd definitely recommend everyone getting hold of. And when I get back i will definitely write the post on riots that i've been promising, i've just been holding back on it until i've read a book on prison riots which hopefully i'll do whilst away.


Renegade Eye said...

I read the top because I read so many blogs, that's all I have time for. To get traffic to your blog, you need to visit others.

Duncan Money said...

I think as Renegade Eye says it's a question of time though saying that I tend to read the top few posts on any blog I'm browsing.

Renegade Eye possibly does have less time than me though since any blog I ever read has a comment from him on...