Friday, 15 February 2008

Anglesey’s Carbon Surge

This is the one hundreth post on this blog - yay! This is a letter, published in the Socialist this week - i know it's also the green party conference either this week or next, so i thought it was timely to post it. Tomorrow also marks on year of this blog (i think!) so i'll do a special anniversary post

Last week North Wales newspapers reported that goods from a major Anglesey employer, Anglesey Aluminium have been switched from rail to road transport. The move pushed through by Austrian company Metall AG, will add 100 lorries to the already congested North Wales roads and produce 5 times more CO2 than rail transportation.
The incentive for doing this of course is cost, another one of capitalism’s short sighted strategies for profit that are destroying our environment. Big companies like Anglesey Aluminium and Metall AG as well as large haulage firms should be taken into public ownership and their resources should be democratically planned if we are ever going to be able to do anything about the looming climate catastrophe.


Jim Jay said...

It's green party conference right now - in fact there is a red pepper blog from conference at which has reports on abortion, anti-capitalism, etc. hopefully worth looking at.

Renegade Eye said...

Green Party in Minnesota, is having a caucus meeting to pick a presidential candidate. Your comrades are involved in locally.