Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Blogging & the Blogging Community

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their responses to my previous post on blogging. I think i shall definitely not post anything as long as the 3000 word post recently again. Moreover, I won't be splitting the blog into two or more (although the offer is still open to collaborate on a left & crime blog).

Anyway, I thought with the re-launch of the carnival of socialism (see http://carnivalofsocialism.blogspot.com/) I'd blog a little about the blogging community. Now as other people have told me, as a blogger if you want to get people to come and visit your site, you need to visit other people's too. I haven't been particularly good at this, but other the last week or so, I've been trying to post more regularly on others sites as well as add some more as links. So (a la AVPS) we will welcome A Bit Like Lenin..., Classroom Teacher, Karl Marx Strasse, Kit Notes, Rebellion Sucks!, The Daily (Maybe), Landsker and Law And Disorder to the blogroll. Hopefully, that makes me doing my bit a little more.

And now for a little bit about this blog. I know several people are fans of visitor stats, so below are my stats since i began recording them

as you can hopefully see, i'm getting about 300 visitors a week, that's probably not that great, but I feel good about it. in terms of days, my lowest has been 10 visitors (during the period when I didn't post for a week) and highest has been 93. As for comments, well I've had plenty over the last week, with different people posting on different things, and given the range of things I post on here, I think that's somewhat healthy, but I try to post things that should make sense to most people - if i get too technical with criminology articles please mention it.

Visitors will also be pleased to know that I've now scored a hit from every continent, with a stream of visitors now from nigeria - I guess looking at the stuff I've posted on the students there.


Jim Jay said...

I wouldn't get too obsessive about stats. At the end of the day whether they are going up or down the important thing is that you are posting, and its quality content.

So far, so good!

Rob said...

Hey, what's your email address? I'd like to send you those articles.

Rob said...

Oh, and cheers for the add.