Monday, 8 October 2007

Socialist Party in North Wales

Below is a couple of reports on activities of the Socialist party in Bangor over the past few weeks. I've been quite busy with this so I haven't got around to doing much else, including items for this blog.

Bangor Socialist Party members visited CWU picket lines on both the Thursday and Friday of the strike. On the Thursday, the changed time of the strike (to noon on Thursday), meaning that out of a workforce of 130+, only four were on strike that day and the change had created a lot of confusion.
However, when Socialist Party members visited the pickets the following day, the mood was confident. Between 15 and 20 CWU members welcomed us and the Socialist Party strike bulletin and CNWP material was well received, with a paper being sold in addition to this. The strikers were dismayed that 5 workers had gone in, but when the area rep turned up and reported that in all the other depots in the area they had heard from (Holyhead, Llangefni, Porthmadog, Caenarfon, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay) no-one had gone, the strikers were delighted. Socialist Party members are planning a stall in support of the strikers on the saturday and have invited CWU members to our branch meeting on the Sunday.

Bangor University
This year Socialist Students has seen a growth in support for socialist ideas. Over the week we ran out of copies of the Student Socialist! Campaigning against the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons and plans to build a new nuclear power station on nearby Anglesey, we signed up 20 students to help start a society at the university.

A 'what is Socialism?' meeting attracted seven new people. We have plans to get a society registered with the students union, to visit the picket lines in support of striking postal workers and arranged to go to see John Pilger's War on Democracy at a local cinema.


Renegade Eye said...

In Minnesota your comrades are doing antiwar work with high school students. Your group is leading a movement against war recruiters in high schools. They are trying to lead a walkout.

I would like you to sometime post about when police get accused of crime. I think in the US, a policeman is rarely convicted of anything.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

yeah, I'll have a go at that. I've heard about the walkout, i think we led one in Seattle last year, and this year we're trying to orgnaise one on the same day elsewhere in the country

I've recently written a short comment on the jean charles de menezes case which somewhat covers what you've suggested, but I may expand it a bit for the blog.