Monday, 2 April 2007

Why Police Racism is Criminal

This is a different kind of post. Instead of the usual rant i'm gonna present an arguement that cuts across some of the capitalist ideas that we see in the media (particularly of the right wing kind). I'll probably try and do more of these, but for today i'll cover police racism.

Now we're told in the capitalist media that racism is bad of course, but it's usually in the context of their capitalist morality that makes a rich person good and a poor person bad generally. And when most non-whites are poor, that makes them bad. In the context of crime we're told that being racist is wrong, but hating poor people is okay cos they're benefit cheats and criminals, if not yet then later on. So then it becomes okay to be racist again even though you're condemning racism. (Racism is not just against non-whites obviously, this is just the main form in this country at the present time).
In reality everyone is the same, we're just subjected to different material conditions, and racism is a tool of capitalism which is used to divide workers from each other. We have to oppose racism not just because it's daft but because unless workers are united it makes it even harder for us to live the kind of life we wish.

Let's get back to the point, why is police racism criminal? Well, racism within the police means that the police spend their time harrasing non-whites instead of catching criminals and obviously, however little time is spent doing this instead, this wastes police time where they could actually be doing their jobs and since wasting police time is against the law, police racism is thus criminal.

(Obviously the same goes for when the police attack strikers etc. which is why the demand for a democratic police force is important)

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