Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Internet

i know i've posted a lot of things related to the socialist party recently, so i thought i'd give that a break this evening. instead i'm going to post about what i'm doing at the moment.
You see, although i use the internet quite a bit, I like many other working class people do not have access to the internet at my home, instead I have to trek for a half hour or so to Huddersfield Uni to go on the internet there. all in all it's very time consuming. The internet is a rich source of information on various issues, and allows lots of people to discuss with each other from the other side of the earth, it could be a huge resource for people.
Capitalism squanders this, it can't do such a simple thing as providing internet access for everybody from somewhere convenient to them. It's a bit like digital tv, if it wasn't for the fact that they want the bandwith from switching off analog they won't do anything to provide people with it (and as far as i know they haven't done much in this respect anyway). Currently it is mostly middle class families that have access to the internet, with some working class families having to cut into other spending areas to be able to afford to get the internet.
For a socialist world, ensuring adequate access to information, be it newspapers, radio, tv or the internet would be vital. it would be imperative that everyone was kept informed as everyone would have to run society. A socialist government would plan to give eveyone adequate internet as quickly as practical, by upgrading telephoen systems across the country and providing internet access for free, along with an adequate computer for people to 'surf' with.

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