Monday, 5 March 2007


Tomorrow I'm going to be speaking at the meeting of York Socialist Students. It always makes me feel a little nervous when speaking at another branch, especially since I haven't done a leadoff for quite a few months. But this is only the second time I've been to another branch, and this time it isn't even a socialist party one so it's got me more nervous.
I'm going to be speaking on Cuba, something I volunteered to do a leadoff on in Huddersfield a while back, and I'm a little worried how interesting it's going to be as nothing much has changed there since i did that leadoff. Given that Castro still isn't well there isn't much for me to say apart from that he looks like he's getting better. To some extent I think the discussion will drfit off into Latin America generally and discuss Bolivia and Venezuela and there relationship with Cuba, which to some extent is positive in terms of trade links and stopping the return of capitalism in Cuba, but Cuba does hold out the image of Stalinised state to the workers in Venezuela and Bolivia which I would argue is holding them back.
Anyway it should be interesting and I can have a chat with the comrades about the branch that comrades are going to be forming there soon too.

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