Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Marxist Interntet Archive

I just received this message today

Friends of the Marxists Internet Archive, This message is going out to all supporters and friends of the MIA. As many of you know, the MIA came under an intense "Denial of Service" attack, originating in China, in January. Since then we have had to reorganize to meet this attack. While the MIA continues to provide the texts of classic Marxism online, we have been unable to add new works. This will change, March 1, at which time our new server will go on line and we will be fully functioning again. We would like to thank you for all your support during this period,David WaltersMarxists Internet Archive

I can only say this is great news.
For those who haven't come across the Marxist Internet Archive, it is a brilliant resource with tons of texts, letter, speeches and other marxist goodies within from a huge range of authors. I've used it several times to get access to read various pamphlets written by marx, engels, lenin and trotsky.
If you've never used it before then you should, the address is



Duncan Money said...

Can you think of any reasons why the government of China would be trying to prevent its own citizens, and others, from reading about Marxism?

Leftwing Criminologist said...

well not legitimate ones, but there has been a growth in resurgence of interest in actual marxist ideas in china, chinaworker.info carried this http://www.chinaworker.info/cgi-bin/index.cgi?action=viewnews&id=247 article about it.
I'm not sure how much stuff has been translated into chinese on it, but i know chinaworker, the cwi's site has had to be moved and renamed a few times becuase it was having problems with denial of access (I think)

Tom said...

Chinaworker.org has been banned in China a few times through the "great firewall" of China.

The MIA don't consider Mao (or Stalin) as Marxists and cover their work in a reference area (http://www.marxists.org/reference/index.htm) with people like Rousseau, Thomas Paine and Adam Smith. They say "though Marxist in terminology, in both theory and practice it was remote from Marxism" and say even worse things about Mao's succesor Deng Xiaoping.

This is in complete contradiction to official Maoist thought which claims Mao as the pinnacle of Marxism or official politics in China that say Xiaoping was not pro-capitalist but moved towards market-socialism. No wonder the Chinese state doesn't want its workers to read it and found out about true Marxism.