Monday, 26 February 2007

Myself & Books

By now, if people have been reading this, you'll notice that I always have several books on the go. This is to some extent because I have to balance between reading for uni and reading for my own pleasure and also cos if I get a new book I tend to start reading it before i've finished the last one. (so reading time for similar sized books can vary from a day to several months)
Anyway, I just finished George Orwell's road to wigan pier, which is an interesting read, the description of working class living conditions in the 1930's is very interesting (I live in a back to back which isn't that much better than the ones he describes), but his criticism of other radicals and lefts at the time is a bit all over the place, there are times i agree with him, and then times he misses the point i think. anyway worth reading for the first part.
then i've got the 18th brumaire which i haven't really managed to get into. that's probably because my knowledge of france around that time isn't great, but i'll have another go soon
there's also some books i'm reading for my course, the penal system books on prisons and the judiciary, and uprising about the riots in the early eighties.
then i just got out marx and engels on the paris commune, which in typical myself fashion i've started reading straight away, although in my defence i've wanted to read this for a fair bit, particularly the civil war in france.
anyway, i think i'll finish my rant for the night

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