Thursday, 26 April 2007

Local Elections - An Update

This week sees the Socialist devoting a whole page to the election campaigns in Huddersfield. Both campaigns are going well. In ashbrow, Mel Mills, the anti-cuts candidate campaign is going well and she has agreed to come to speak at the Campaign for A new Workers Party (CNWP) conference in a few weeks. In Crosland Moor & netherton the camapign is going even better, quite a few workers and youth from the local community have turned out to support the campaign, helping leaflet and canvass, with one young asian guy translating a leaflet and translating for us on the doorstep. In desperation the sitting labour councillor resorted to lying about how jackie has voted in the council, but almost no-one in the ward believes him, they're sick of the main three parties and want an alternative, an alternative the Save Huddersfield NHS candidate Ian Slattery is providing.
The weekend sees on friday a campaign to defeat stalls day of action across the country which we will be tacking part in, with follwoing saturday featuring an ISR day of action against the BNP tied in with an anti-cuts day of action and demonstration in the town centre, the signs are good of at least one more fighting working class councillor on the council prepared to stand up for ordinary people. More importantly whatever the outcome, the camapign for a new workers party here will go from an idea, to a reality after the election with camapigns coming together on this saturday to demand an alternative. As Mel says, "It's time for the working class to get up of it's knees and fight".

please note the link to the feature in the socialist may not work until friday 27/04/07


Renegade Eye said...

Unfortunately here in the US, we don't even have a fake labor party. The Democratic Party is bourgeoise, and unreformable.

I returned the favor, and linked to your blog.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

Agreed, US workers urgently need a party for working class people. Not sure you'd want a fake labour party though, it makes it easier for the capitalists to make attacks on workers living conditions cos the trade union tops don't want to upset the labour party tops.

Thanks for the link!