Monday, 25 May 2009

Socialism and the Zombie Apocalypse

Let's face it, crime is a pretty grim thing to blog about, hence why about half the posts on this blog aren't at all about crime or criminology. But occasionally I amuse myself with rather random stuff, and just a few minutes ago I spotted this group on facebook

Here's the blurb :-

Basic Info

Description: A group to" organize before they rise".

Reason number one: Anyone who've seen a zombie flick knows that the threat of zombie flesh eaters are just secondary during the apocalypse. The real danger lies in humanity's incapability to work together. Therefore, in order to fight zombies, humanity needs real democratic power over the means of production through socialism and a planned economy!

Reason number two: Come on, its fun!


RickB said...

Indeed, I think Romero usually shows it's the groups working together as equals who survive the best. Also- I wouldn't keep the shotgun behind glass with shells on display, zombies are quicker these days (pollution I expect or short attention span corporate movie making...) so have it locked and loaded in a handy spot out of the reach of children (unless they are a really good shot). Plus a machete is always handy and is convenient for garden work on the quiet days.

Renegade Eye said...

I never slept with a Zombie, but I woke up next to some.