Tuesday, 5 May 2009

May Day Celebrations in North Wales

The celebrations in North Wales basically went from bad to good. To start with we had the travesty of Wrexham Trades Council cancelling their May Day march (due for last Saturday)allegedly due to a leaflet going out advertising it being a little critical of the government. Pathetic or what!

Instead it was replaced by a few performances by some bands which made it appear more like something organised by the Salvation Army rather than by the labour movement. Instead, North Wales SP members made the best of a bad situation giving out some anti-BNP literature and then meeting to discuss with some contacts.

The Sunday turned out much better with around 30 or so turning up for a Radical History Tour near Llanberis looking at the area's trade union history organised by a few local members of the IWW. The walk was a good 3 1/2 stroll past old quarries and the famed union rock, which was the only place local quarriers could meet to discuss union business.

(Another photo from the walk)

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