Saturday, 13 December 2008

Stalinist Cluedo and other things

Last night was the Bangor Uni Socialist Students end of year social at my flat. After the hectic term we've had already it was nice to chill out and relax. It didn't stop us talking politics, particularly about the upcoming USDAW elections (as several of us work in local supermarkets) and the government attacks on benefits too. We also watched the CNWP DVD about Terry Fields - which is very interesting and worth getting from Merseyside CNWP, as well as doing the quiz in the latest issue of the Socialist - which the team of yours truly won.
And then out came the board games (people would be suprised to know that the outright favourites of society members are Monopoly and Risk - which is rather ironic!). But the game that amused us most was the varient of Cluedo we developed based on the Stalinist bureaucracy - with the characters being bureaucrats (including Stalin whom everyone had to suggest someone else as a possible suspect first). The highlights of the alternative weapons were being killed with a hammer and a sicle, and also being crushed under the weight of the bureaucracy. Perhpas its an idea for next years fighting fund? (or not)


Phil BC said...

Lol, what is it with lefties and games of military and financial domination? One of my vices remains Civilization III, and back in the day good old Elite and the numerous Warhammer things used to be my bag. I think we could do with a "leftwing psychologist" to help us answer this question!

Leftwing Criminologist said...

well, i did do a psychology undergrad degree!

also, wasn't one of engels hobbies studying warfare?

Duncan Money said...

I don't think the fascination with Monopoly is as ironic as you think, wasn't it originally invented by Quakers to reveal to people the evils of 'landlordism'?


It's funny you should mention that, I used to be obsessed with games like Age of Empires and Empire Earth.

Freud would have a field day!