Sunday, 21 December 2008

An Appeal For Assistance

At the moment I am trying to read some materials in preparation for an essay about the Moscow Show Trials and the Great Purge in Stalinist Russia in the 1930’s. As some people may be aware, as the first trial was taking place Trotsky was placed under house arrest in Norway and unable to immediately reply effectively to the allegations made at this trial against him. In his stead, his son, Leon Sedov wrote the The Red Book on the Moscow Trials to defend both of them. However, Trotsky did publish a book in 1937 called the Crimes of Stalin. However, it was published in French (as Les Crimes Des Staline), but to my knowledge it hasn’t been published in English. The individual articles of course should have been published in the Writings of Trotsky for that period by Pathfinder Press, and sure enough I’ve found some in there – however, an introduction to a PDF of one of them (The Thirst For Power) on the Marxist Internet Archive says there are twenty six chapters of the book, but I’ve only found 8 chapters and the preface. I list them below as articles from two other publications that are mentioned in the notes to Trotsky’s Writings which I’m don’t know whether they are related or not. Can anybody help me work out what other chapters belong to this book?

(By the way I have the second edition of both Writings 35-36 and 36-37 published in 1977 and 78 respectively.)

Les Crimes Des Staline (The Crimes of Stalin)

Preface (36-37, pg.353)
In Closed Court (35-36, pg. 455)
In ‘Socialist’ Norway (35-36, pg.21)
Why They Confessed To Crimes They Had Not Committed (36-37, pg.56)
Thirst For Power (36-37, pg.64)
Hatred of Stalin (36-37, pg.67)
Notes En Route (36-37, pg.72)
On Sending Terrorists Into the USSR (36-37, pg.75)
The Preliminary Inquiry at Coyocan (36-37, pg.264)

El Proceso de Moscu

Seveteen New Victims of the GPU (36-37, pg.110)
The Truth Behind the ‘Voluntary Confessions’ (36-37, pg.131)
The New Trial (36-37, pg.128)
The ‘Voluntary’ Confessions of the Defendants (36-37, pg.149)
The Conspiracy’s Financial Resources (36-37, pg.151)
Industrial Sabotage (36-37, pg.150)
Muralov (36-37, pg.153)
Appeal to the League of Nations (36-37, pg.163)
Prosecutor Vyshinsky (36-37, pg.164)
Will the Defendants be Executed (36-37, pg.165)
Thirteen Are To Die (36-37, pg.181)
Those Who Have Been ‘Spared’ (36-37, pg.182)
Kaganovich Anticipates My End (36-37, pg.184)
The ‘People’ Call for Punishment (36-37, pg.185)

The Truth (About the Moscow Trials)

A New Moscow Amalgam (36-37, pg.115)
Pyatakov’s Phantom Flight to Moscow (36-37, pg.154)
Pyatakov’s Story Vague on Time and Place (36-37, pg.166)
Romm Frequented Dark Paris Alleys (36-37, pg.204)
A Mockery of Justice (36-37, pg.245)

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Your best bet, if you haven't found anyone yet, is to ask bro Coatse of the Tendance Coasey blog. He might be ale to help out,