Sunday, 27 July 2008


When I changed the layout a few weeks back I tried to make sure everything that I had previously on the blog was still there. Well I forgot the stat counter code. It's not necessarily the most important thin, but i do like to see which posts are the most popular, so i know what people enjoy reading. (btw if you want more on anything let me know - maybe i should have a vote?) Anyway, its back now.

Which gives me time to welcome two new blogs to my listings

Firstly we have Leftwrites - which looks to me like an Ausralian Socialist Unity blog - but theres some interesting discussions on there.

Secondly, we have Infantile and Disorderly, written by a supporter of HOPI and as you might have imaged from this features posts on Iran and the various groups on the lefts attitudes towards this country.

Anyways, I'll post a proper post tonight.


Doron said...

I wouldn't say that Leftwrites is exactly an equivalent to Socialist Unity blog. For starters, it tends to be dominated by "cliffite" and "ex-cliffites", and the focus of the discussion is pretty different to SU.

It certainly has a lot of useful discussion, however, as there are contributors from a wide range of political backgrounds (Labor, various socialist groups, Greens, and more).

Leftwing Criminologist said...

i think it was the wide range of contributions from the australian 'left' that i was comparing to socialist unity - indeed, it seems to me to have a wider variety