Saturday, 19 July 2008

A New Look In Development

As you may have noticed the blog looks slightly different today. A while a go I decided I needed to freshen things up a little, so today I have done so - a new look for the blog and more. It's not finished yet, I want to try and play about with the fonts and stuff. Also you'll notice that many of the links have gone missing from the side - don't worry they will be back - I've added a feature that blogger now has for most recently updated blogs (partially for my own use more than anything else)./ I'll also have a traditional blog roll, but i'm in the middle of recategorising (and if you don't like wheich category your blog has been placed in let me know and i'll move it into whichever one you want). I'm also planning on getting rid of the blog archive page (as it is far too much hassle to update) and replacing it with

Anywasy, recently I had added the following blogs to the old blog roll

Bent Society Blog
La Lutte Continue!
Derek McMillan's Blog
Militant Worker

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