Friday, 11 April 2008

I Need A Commenting Policy

After the highjacking of the previous thread, I think I need to institute a commenting policy.

1) Anonymous comments will be deleted - pick a name and stick to it
2) Do not copy and paste off other blogs/websites etc. It takes forever to read for a start. If necessary provide a link
3) Stick to the point of the topic - discussing the BNP in North Wales is fine and anti-racist/anti-fascist tactics in relation to the below post. Commenting about the labour party (which I am not a member of) and racism can be done on the blog of someone who wishes to talk about that and who advocates the labour party as a solution (which I don't).
4) High-jacked threads will be deleted.
5) Comments will now be moderated.


Jim Jay said...

I want to see the thread now :)

The policy looks good to me, although it's a shame you're having to moderate comments because it does not just slow down posting I think it puts people off a little too... but if you have to, you have to :(

Leftwing Criminologist said...

It just got a little out of control. I think I'm going to moderate comments for a while as I don't want that to happen again. It may be temporary, it may not i'll have to see how things progress. I may post on free speech and blogs too.

I agree about moderation though, I think it may put some people off. But it's preferable to having a load of racist propaganda cluttering the comments whicha laso would put people off.

I deleted all the messages in the thread - I thought about keeping some up which were relevant but then thread wouldn't have made too much sense.

Jonah said...

Sorry for my part in it.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

no worries - it just drifted right off topic - it's something that hopefully i'll be able to control for via moderation. the demo wnet well though - there'll be a report up soon

Duncan Money said...

I'd stick a link to this commenting policy, or have it at the top of your page otherwise it'll disappear as you add more posts.

Duncan Money said...

In answer to your query, you need to either make this post a 'sticky', change the time and date posted to 2010 or something so it's always on the top of your blog.

Alternatively, on your dashboard go to 'layout' add the commenting policy as a box on your sidebar then drag and drop it to the head of your blog.