Saturday, 19 April 2008

Am I An Intellectual?

On the link to this blog on the Tired Man of Teaching Blog ( I'm referred to as a 'lefty-intellectual type'. I have never thought of myself as this.
Partially I guess as I've never really got over stopping been a teenager - I still tend to think of myself as being in the first years of uni. Rather than being 22 and doing a masters. I guess sticking around to do a masters is a bit intellectual though?
But then I really hate books that are written in too academic a style, and I don't watch all that many continental films (Pan's Labyrinth and Battleship potemkin is about it) or read that many novels (and the ones I do tend to be sci-fi/comedy - or both!). And I don't like drinking in coffee shops (mostly cos I don;t drink hot drinks) or wine bars.
I've never published any journal articles or given any actual lectures (Of course I've written for the Socialist and student newspapers and spoken at SP meetings).
The jobs I've had consist of
1) Working in a pub kitchen
2) Working in a builders merchants
3) Working in a mail order catalogue warehouse
4) Working in a small shop
5) Working as a councillor's admin assistant
6) Working as an invigilator during GCSE exams
7) Working in a call centre
I suppose too of them could be a bit intellectually, but I don;t think they are.

I think I may be heading in the direction of intellectualism, but I don't think I'm there yet.

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