Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Knights in Parliament and their Corruption

In my last post on this subject I posed a few suggestions of how to examine the significance of knighted mps in parliament and whether one particular party was any more corrupt than the others. So below I've started with a list of Knighted MPs

(7 Featured on Nasty Knights Blog)
Sir Michael Spicer (Con)
Sir Alan Haselhurst (Con)
Sir John Butterfill (Con)
Sir Gerald Kaufman (Lab)
Sir Nicholas Winterton (Con)

Sir Menzies Campbell (Lib)
Sir Peter Viggers (Con)

And the rest with any allegations against them (or at least the rest I could find)

Sir Alan Beith (Lib) (see
Sir Peter Soulsby (Lab) (see
Sir Stuart Bell (Lab) (see and
Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Con)
Sir Anthony Steen (Con) (see
Sir Peter Tapsell (Con) (see
Sir Patrick Cormack (Con) (see
Sir George Young (Con) (see and
Sir Paul Beresford (Con) (see
Sir Michael Lord (Con) (see
Sir John Stanley (Con) (see

So that puts the parties having (Total MPs for each party from UK parliament website

Conservatives - 13 Knights (Out of 193 MPs total = 6.7%)
Labour - 3 Knights (Out of 349 MPs total = 0.9%)
Liberal Democrats - 2 Knights (out of 63 MPs total = 3.2%)

Now the above information needs going through but one or two I think may be clean (if you call having huge salaries and then claiming a fair bit of money legitimately clean!), but certainly there are several more which can be added to the list that has featured on the Nasty Knights blog. It would be interesting to see whether knighted MPs are more likely to have dodgy expenses than 'normal' MPs too.

NB. This is a follow-on post to Knighthoods and Corruption


vengeanceandfashion said...

I don't think Anthony Steen is a knight, he's more likely the type of crank that would buy a peerage or fake knighthood off the internet.

Good work on the rest of them.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

According to the Guardian he is (link next to his name) although looking around on the web sometimes he's mentioned as sir anthony steen and sometimes he isn't - it's very confusing

vengeanceandfashion said...

Strange - I live in the constituency next door to Steen's, and have never heard him referred to as 'Sir Anthony', I suspect that not for the first time the Guardian's got the wrong end of the stick.