Thursday, 16 April 2009

Record Amount of Visits on Tuesday (and other things)

On Tuesday, Leftwing Criminologist received a large spike in visitors as you can see from the rather dodgy graph in this post. In fact at 245 unique visitors this is the highest number I've ever had in a day by a long shot. Now, much as I like people to come visit and read this blog, I don't really go out of my way to get people to visit, I usually get around 50 unique visitors a day when I've posted that day or somewhat less when I haven't. Obviously I think the spike had a little something to do with the Red Dwarf review posted the day before, but if the odd one or two got interested in criminological ideas from a left-wing perspective then so much the better.
Anyways, onto other things - speaking of criminology from a left-wing perspective, I wanted to flag up another post by Phil at A Very Public Sociologist on what should socialists do about the police? In case people haven't guessed this leads on from the stuff at the G20 and also the arrest of direct action protestors recently - also for a decent summary of blogging on the police and the G20 read the most recent Carnival of Socialism over at HarpyMarx.
Given my lack of posting all that much over the last month or so, you may think that the next month could be similar. But rest assured, I've actually got quite a few posts in the bank ready to appear including a short series of posts on Haiti, some posts on Police Chief Constables, some comments on crime and criminal justice in Venezuela and more. Stay tuned!
Anyways, as ever I've been adding new links to the blogroll, but I haven't plugged any of the formally in the blog yet (in fact I've just checked and I haven't plugged any new blogs since January!), so please welcome An American Nightmare and Vengeance and Fashion, both of which are well worth checking out.

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Phil BC said...

Congrats - I also had a mini-spike that day too :D