Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Showing Off

Having being tagged by Phil BC from A Very Public Sociologist with a meme (see and being stuck for ideas a bit, I'm gonna do it, basically posting my favourite ten posts that I have written myself from this blog (in order of preference by the way).

1. Crime in Revolutionary Russia

2. Whats Wrong With Psychology?

3. Plaid and Crime

4. Principles of a Marxist Approach to Criminology (Second Draft)

5. A Manifesto for Wargamers

6. Prisons: Lumbering Into Further Crisis

7. Open Letter from Bangor University Socialist Students

8. Crime in the Soviet Union

9. A Brief Look at the Origins and History of Police Unionism in Britain – Pt2

10. The Question of Human Rights

(btw. if I was allowed to include posts within the last month I would have included Nid oes bradwr yn y ty hwn (No traitor in this house) - The Great North Wales Quarry Strikes failry high up on this list)

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