Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Review – A Benefit for the Victims of Violent Crime EP – Anti-Flag (2007)

For those disappointed by the lack of articles to do with crime recently, this is sort of for you. You may also be pleased to hear that I'm working on quite a few pieces over the next week or two for the blog on various things too.

This latest release by anti-war US punk band Anti-Flag is a compilation of songs recorded whilst recording their previous album as well as various live versions of songs from some of their previous albums. As is indicated by the album’s title, it was released to raise funds for a victim support centre in Pittsburgh, where the band is from, after the band wanted to do something positive after the murder of the sister of one of the band members (Most victim support and rape crisis centres are underfunded and generally have to rely on donations to survive). The very fact that their reaction was in this direction is entirely positive.
What is even better is that it is not just a re-hash of old songs with just re-recordings and live songs. Although there are a few live versions of songs from their last few albums – the live version of The Project for a New American Century is recommended, there are also a fair sprinkling of new songs too, the pick of which are No Paradise, No Future and Anthem for The New Millenium Generation not just musically, but for the political message that blames problems like crime on the capitalist system. The style of the songs is slightly different to some of their previous albums, and should have prepared me a bit more for their more recent album ‘The Bright Lights of America’. If you’re buying an Anti-Flag album, get the full albums first, but this is still recommended listening.

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