Thursday, 3 January 2008

Bangor meeting on fascism

Hi all, this is another report from Bangor from before xmas (we were busy then!). Anyway, I should hopefully have another article on Crime and Venezuela up in the next few days.

In Bangor on December 15th, Socialist Students organised a public meeting to discuss the rise of the British National Party(BNP) in recent years and in particular the origins of this movement.

Report by a Bangor student

The discussion moved from the absence of a party that represents working people towards a stimulating discussion of Socialist ideas, their relation to other political ideologies and classical Marxist concepts still relevant today. A public discussion, which could well have been marred by lack of participation owing to many students having gone home for Xmas was redeemed with constructive input from members and non members alike. We plan to hold more of these public meetings, with a view to widening prospective participants by focusing on issues that affect local people in and around Gwynedd. It is hoped that these future meetings will yield as fruitful discussion as this one from people both in the university and outside it.

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