Monday, 4 June 2007

Political Cartoons & Chinese Protests

Hi all, just been looking at some work by the political cartoonists who do the covers for the Socialist Party's monthly magazine and theoretical journal Socialism Today. So added to the links section are Suzanne Muna's cartoons and Alan Hardman's cartoons. I know in the past cartoons were a regular feature of the Militant, and it's a shame we don't have so many today (to see more of Alan Hardman's cartoons from that period the SP books Rise of Militant and Civil War Without Guns have quite a few in them).

In other news the city of Xiauan in China has seen a mass protest(20,000 strong) against the building of a plant which will produce a harmful chemical px. As ever the Chinese authorities have tried to do al they can to break the struggle, including mass police deployment and cutting mobile phone signals. See a youtube video here and an article here.

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